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If you go to market, to buy QuickBooks for your business, you will get confused because there are more than one versions of QuickBooks. To avoid this confusion, you should have some prior information about these QuickBooks products. Now, we will provide you a brief introduction to these products.

QuickBooks Desktop must be installed on the computer. You can choose from six versions of QuickBooks available in the market.

QuickBooks desktop support

QuickBooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks desktop pro is for startups businesses (as suggested by QuickBooks). It will help you get started by giving you tips on various topics. Up to three operators can use it simultaneously. There is no mobile app for it. It must be installed on the computer. It has poor customer support. You have to pay for it only one time.

QuickBooks desktop pro which is the most basic version for desktop accounting. Intuit has developed this particular version to meet universal industry standards with the most value. The pricing for QuickBooks desktop pro starts from $299.95 & offers up to 3 user licenses. With the customizable chart of accounts, users can revolutionize accounting for their company in just one desktop software.

QuickBooks Online doesn’t require software installation as it is a cloud-based product. You can opt for any of the subscription levels like simple start, essentials, plus, and advanced. All you need is a computer with an internet question and your login info to get access to your data. Up to 10 users can use it at a time. You pay for it every month. A mobile app is available for it.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier

QuickBooks Premier is for established and growing businesses. If you have a business of contractor or retail, it’s best suited then. It can even help you to find the cost to complete the project you are working on. Up to five users can use it simultaneously. There is no mobile app for it, and poor customer support will be provided. It also requires a one-time payment.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the ultimate version of the well-developed business. It is the most expensive one. You will get good customer support, and up to 30 users can use it at a time. You have to install it on the computer and there is no mobile app for it.

QuickBooks Desktop Self-Employment 

QuickBooks self-employed is for small businesses. It is one of the cheapest and easiest to use. It is best for freelancers. Only one user can use it at a time. The best thing is that it is web-based, so no installation is required. There is a mobile app for it. You are required to pay for it on a monthly basis.

QuickBooks Desktop Mac

QuickBooks for Mac is for those people who prefer Mac computers for their business. In QuickBooks for Mac, you are going to receive all the features of QuickBooks for Windows except for the option to create an accountant copy. But in exchange for that, you will have access to an online magazine only for QuickBooks for Mac users.

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